Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Hello? Are you there?

In case you haven't noticed ("you" being anyone out there who may or may not still be reading this little blog space on the Internet), the past few months have been swarmed with YA reading and lots of other generally busy busy things. In real life, my job has gotten busier than ever as we just keep releasing more and more material that I have to market. And, did you know that I am getting married in June? To Colin, one time contributor to the very blog you are reading.

So there are those things on top of all that reading. And though January–June are looking to be just as busy with wedding planning and thesis writing (ugh), I hope I can have a little more time to read as I like reading—to relax and drop off the earth into another world.

With the start of 2013, we're approaching this little blog's 4-year blogiversary. But in much of that time, thanks to many of the things mentioned above, I have almost completely dropped out of the bloggy community. And that saddens me. I don't have time to read what other people have to say, and not too many people seem to stop by here to say much of anything anymore either. And that is exactly opposite of why this was started in the first place. I wanted to encourage discussion, promote books I love (or don't love), and basically just talk about books with other book-minded folks. 

So, dear readers, what do you like to hear about? Would you like me to shutup about YA books forever (I promise I won't bore you with them much longer)? Do I need to be reading whatever is the best-selling follow-up to 50 Shades of Scandal (just kidding, I'm not gonna hop on that bandwagon so quickly)? 

What's your favorite thing to read about and explore? What gets you excited? What's going to make you sit up a little straighter in your chair with piqued interest?

But in the meantime, hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and a great start to 2013. Happy reading!


zibilee said...

I am a new reader of your blog, and came over here a few months ago. I mostly lurk, but I would tell you not to quit just because you are not seeing a lot of comments. There are lots of us lurkers out there...well, you know, lurking.

I am interested in what you have to say about YA books, and anything else that you choose to post about. I like your writing style.

Kari said...

Oh goodness, I couldn't quit...I would start to feel too guilty! I guess I just wanted to throw out an apology if I was boring anyone out there too terribly much...haha.

Jenny said...

Ooh congratulations!!! Was Colin with you at BEA a couple years ago (I met you there at a cocktail party thingy and I feel like he was too).. anyway, congrats! I say read what you want! That's something I've admired about your blog, that it doesn't seem like you are pressured to read what everyone else is reading. I don't read much YA so I haven't had much to say/comment in recent posts but I think that is always the best, most genuine way to go. If I had to pick something I want to see more of, just more posts, LOL!

Kari said...

Yup, that was him! He still remembers you as the one from Florida!

softdrink said...

I am the biggest of slackers when it comes to commenting lately! But I will wish you a Happy New Year and congrats on the upcoming wedding!!

Melissa said...

I say post about whatever you like to read - whether it be YA or 50 Shades. I read a wide variety of books and always like hearing what anybody has to say about anything they've read. I never know when I'll hear about a book I really love. And Congratulations!